Let today’s produce decide

There is no menu at Gastrologik. We simply allow the producers to decide which ingredients we use. The seasons control the changing produce, and so we adapt and adjust the menu on a daily basis.
We also think that the not knowing enhances the experience of eating a tasting menu.
Therefore, it is not possible to see the menu before visiting the restaurant. Everyone will have a written menu of what they have enjoyed during the evening when they leave the restaurant.

Let today’s produce decide is our fixed menu, and consists of approximately twenty small servings. 


Due to the scope of the menu and all the work that goes into it, we are unable accommodate vegans or menus free from milk protein, nor can we customize the menu for diets such as LCHF or GI.

We take allergies into account, as long as we are informed beforehand.


Let today’s produce decide 1800 SEK.

We work with wines from our wine cellar, either by the glass, by the bottle or with a set wine pairing.
The beverage pairing for Let today’s produce decide is 1200 SEK alternatively 1800 for our exclusive pairing.
Non-alcoholic pairing 600 SEK.

Wine card

You will find our cellar-wine list here.